Question: You talk a lot about multi-generational ministry. Isn’t have specific age-group ministries the opposite of this? What does an “age specific group” look like?


Answer: Yes, we do talk a lot about multi-generational ministry because it is important for the growth of the body of Christ here and in the future. However, there is also a lot of wisdom in inviting children and youth to participate in events with their peer groups for support, encouragement, and learning to take place with people that are in their common age group. 

Question: What do you mean by “family” ministry? Is this only for people with kids?

Answer: This is a question that we wrestle with all the time. On the one hand, yes, we mean families with children; on the other hand, we mean the family of God in this place. We try to be very specific about the family ministry offering, to help you navigate which events or studies are applicable for your life.