About Us

"To partner with, and not replace parents as the primary faith teachers in a child's life."

Youth and Family Ministry at King of Glory is a multi-faceted ministry that is fully integrated into the life of the church. We have 3 guiding principles ministry that make up how we implement the mission (Connect-Grow-Live), and vision (that ALL may know the love of Jesus: of King of Glory:


  1. There isn’t a “Junior” Holy Spirit. The same Spirit that came to the apostles at Pentecost is the same Holy Spirit that lives and guides Christians today, regardless of their age. Children and youth are important members of the body of Christ in the present, and not only in the future. We have a responsibility and privilege to teach, train and learn multi-generationally.

  2. Moms and dads are the top two influences in a child’s life. We partner with parents, grandparents and caregivers to strengthen families in their faith and communication with one another. We want parents to be equipped to be the faith formation specialists in their home, and we come alongside and encourage as the body of Christ.

  3. Youth and children need 5 significant adults in their lives to make a positive impact as they grow into adulthood. These 5 adults can be from anywhere: coaches, teachers, small group leaders, etc. We want to offer those 5 adults to be part of children’s and youth’s lives here within the King of Glory family. For some that means this will be the only 5 in their lives, for others, these 5 will join a list of other significant adults that are guiding and speaking into their lives. We do this through multiple leaders serving throughout all of the youth and family ministries.


Visit each ministry page to find out more about specific ministries.


A quick primer:


When we use the word or category…


  • “children” we mean…all children up through 4th grade.

  • “youth” we mean…all children in 5th grade through 12th grade.

  • “college” we mean…all King of Glory college students through their undergraduate experience.

  • “partners in ministry” we mean…parents and caregivers of children, youth and college age people.

  • “family worship” we mean…open to all, with intentional opportunities for multiple levels of comprehension to participate. “Youth and Family Trips” we mean…organized by the Youth and Family Ministry or geared to multiple age brackets.

  • “Family Ministry” we typically mean…families with children, parents, step-parents and caregivers.